Global Benchmark Special Report 2022 Q1

‘The Great Resignation’: Exploring the Global Impact and Changing Behaviours
SR Q1-1

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What's In the report?

The ‘Great Resignation’ is an economic trend in which individuals have been quitting their jobs en masse since early 2021. Globally we have seen resignation rates hit historic highs during this period. Our Special Report dives deeper into this global phenomenon. Key questions include: 

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Where is the 'Great Resignation' taking place?
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Why is the 'Great Resignation' happening?
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How does this impact developer productivity?

How is the data collected?

SR Q1-1

The Report consists of data extracted from hundreds of thousands of software developers located in more than 30 countries, providing a
quantitative analysis of their performance. This Report is published quarterly with each Report containing data from the preceding 12 months.

The data is analysed using BlueOptima’s Developer Analytics platform to calculate Coding Effort (CE), which sets a global standard for measuring software developer productivity. Coding Effort is a metric derived from objectively measuring a software developer’s work outputs, specifically changes in static source code metrics, and the
context within which that output was delivered then benchmarking that against all other developers.